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Information Guides

Undertaking to buy or sell a property is a complex, exciting, demanding, and emotional process.

It involves setting your price or determining what you can afford, dealing with a demanding schedule of showings or a demanding search for the "right property", which is then followed by "intense" negotiations (being the formal legal process of Offer and Counter-offer), dealing with inspections and other "subjects", payment, closing, and then possession.

And potentially, you'll be dealing with the differing demands of multiple buyers that you the seller have to chose between, or that you the buyer are competing with.

To help reduce the stress involved and to help manage everyone's expectations, I have prepared a number of Information Guides to help.

For any of my Information Guides listed below, contact me today.

Francine's Information Guides on Buying

The buying process | First time home buyers | Your needs | What can you afford? | Current listings | The offer (and counter-offer) | Inspections | Insurance and mortgage funding | Closing | Possession | Moving in

Francine's Information Guides on Selling

Curb appeal & 'Staging' | Determining value | Listing price | Listing options | Listing Agreement & Property Disclosure Statement | Marketing & Advertising | Showings and open houses | The offer (and counter-offer) | Inspections | Closing | Moving out

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