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What is your home worth?

A professionally-prepared Comparative Market Analysis ("CMA") is needed to answer this question properly.

My professional resources, personal knowledge, and standing as a licensed, full-service REALTOR® all mean that your interests will be properly represented - whether buying or selling - throughout the full sales process. And this professional representation starts with the valuation of the property.

You can rely upon me for relevant, accurate, and up-to-date information on market activity, pricing, financing, terms and conditions, and closings for actual, recent transactions.

My professional resources are proprietary and specific to me and include, extensive proprietary REALTOR® and firm databases and, where appropriate, consultation with my peers.

I will use my professional judgement, personal knowledge, and my proprietary resources to determine the market value of your property, and will document my professional valuation in the detailed CMA that I will prepare.

The work to prepare a proper CMA cuts through all of the market hype and emotion. The valuation arrived at is based upon accurate and up-to-date information on local market activity, and the actual sales of relevant comparable properties. Such information would include their initial pricing and any subsequent adjustments, the true comparative marketability of your property, an assessment of present buyer interest and timelines, available competing listings, the anticipated negotiation process, and probable closing terms and conditions.

The CMA valuation will also take into consideration the proper 'staging' of the property for best-pricing and quick-sale, and may including recommendations on 'de-cluttering' and minor repairs and 'cosmetic' improvements.

To get a no-obligation CMA, please email or call me at (604) 723-4404.

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